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My sister in-law Sandy Phan-Gillis has been detained in China by the China Ministry of State Security since March 19, 2015, and is being investigated on charges of Spying and Stealing State Secrets. Sandy is not a spy or a thief. Representatives of the Chinese Foreign Ministry have admitted as much. The purpose of this site is to provide information about Sandy and her case, and to help free her from her detention in China. This site is also meant to be a call to action, and suggests steps that you can take to help.

New Lenovo S898t Golden Warrior

I purchased a Lenovo s898t "Golden Warrior" phone from The phone was shipped from China and it took a couple of weeks to arrive. This is a Andriod Kitkat 4.2.2 phone. I will be adding additional information to this article as I discover it. I will also add some photos and screen shot as time allows. Lenovo is the third largest phone manufacturer since they bought the Motorola handset division from Google earlier this year. To turn on USB Debugging just plug in a USB cable from your PC to the phone. You will see the USB PC Connection screen on the phone and USB debugging is an option. Developer options are hidden. To enable go to settings -> About device -> Device information. Click on the build number and the phone will tell you that you are 4 steps away from becoming a developer. Click the build number several more times until it says you are now a developer. So back to the settings and the development options are now shown. There are only three options for developer options. USB Debugging, Stay awake and Allow mock locations.


Yesterday was Easter and the gathering and the feasting was very much enjoyed by all. We had orange ginger turkey, maple pecan pork loin, and honey baked ham. Not to mention the famous Gillis rolls. We had some side dishes as well with deviled eggs and mini dessert cakes to boot. If everyone was not bloated I am surprised! When all was said and done Greg and I have enough left over for a couple lunches and dinners. I understood everyone to enjoy themselves, and I am glad. Note!! Now it is time to focus in on the next couple of days. We will have another trooper joining us very soon. Kim is so ready to have that baby and we wish her and the family nothing but the best.

Picture of the Day

Todays picture of the day is My wife Linda on the left and her sister Cyndi on the right from the summer of 1969.

Do you like Kung-Fu Movies?

I love Kung-Fu movies. I am addicted to them and find that I must watch some kung-fu every couple of months or I start going through withdrawals.

The first martial arts film I ever remember seeing is one staring Sonny Chiba. I don't remember the name but it was one of the ones he made back in the late 1960's or early 1970's. I think I was living in Greenville, Mississippi at the time and my mom and dad bought a TV just for the kids. It was a cheesy black and white set and of course there was no remote and you had to adjust the antenna differently for each channel but I was young and at the time we thought we had died and gone to heaven. There was one part of the movie where Sonny's character is confronted by this guy so Sonny does this little double kick and his wooden sandals fly off of his feet and into the guys face. I thought that was so cool that I was flipping my shoes off of my feet like that for days. My folks probably thought I was nuts.

Back in the late 1970's or early 1980's cable TV was getting popular and Showtime was having Kung-Fu marathons. I would go over to a friends house and we would watch those movies and then try to kick each others asses. My favorite martial arts film of all time is 5 Masters of Death. I wish I could find a decent copy but when I finally tracked it down on the internet a few years ago I was disappointed that it was a copy of a copy of a copy.... I am still looking for a DVD.

I thought about taking KF lessons but I wasn't sure if I would be able to stay with it so I never did. But me and my buddies would go down to a couple of shops and buy some of the weapons. Throwing stars, knives and numb-chucks. I called the numb-chucks because I always seemed to smack myself right on the outside of my elbow and half of my fingers would either go numb or feel like they were on fire. Looking back on it now I should have either taken the lessons to learn how to use all of that stuff or stick to just watching the movies.

My buddy Bill Finch and I used to watch Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee movies even after high school and he put my ass through my apartment window on more than one occasion (usually after drinking a 12 pack each). To this day we still refer to ourselves and Bruce and Jackie.

Some of the more modern films that I like are The Bride with White Hair and of course Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon which I even managed to get Linda to go and see at the theater.

I could go on and on about this but I won't.

Got a favorite? Leave a comment here!

Microsoft does it again

I found this story in the London Free Press. VANCOUVER -- Like any good fledgling businessperson, Mike Rowe knew he needed a catchy name for his website design company. Being possessed of a sense of humour and the cheekiness of a typical 17 year old and given his name, what better than to register his Internet domain name as As in, but not quite, Microsoft Corp. \"Since my name is Mike Rowe, I thought it would be funny to add \'soft\' to the end of it,\" the Victoria Grade 12 student said. But the folks at the world\'s biggest software company aren\'t smiling. They\'ve demanded he give up his domain name. Mike, a self-described computer geek, registered the name in August. In November, he received a letter from Microsoft\'s Canadian lawyers, Smart & Biggar, informing him he was committing copyright infringement. He was advised to transfer the name to the corporation. \"I didn\'t think they would get all their high-priced lawyers to come after me,\" Rowe said. He wrote back, saying he\'d put a lot of time and effort into his business and asked to be compensated if he was to give up his name. Microsoft\'s lawyers wrote back offering him $10 US. Rowe asked for $1,000. Then, last Wednesday, he received an ominous, 2.5-centimetre-thick package with a 25-page letter accusing him of trying to force Microsoft into giving him a large settlement for his name. \"I never even thought of getting anything out of them,\" he said, adding he only asked for the $1,000 because he was \"sort of mad at them for only offering 10 bucks.\" Now he\'s going to sit back and see if the organization that registers domain names will take his name away from him. No one from the law firm or Microsoft would comment.

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Still 40

I turned 40 this summer and I still can\'t believe it. I have been waiting to see if I wake up, but I don\'t. I guess 40 is here to stay, at least until I turn 41. Linda did a great job and gave me a surprise party that really surprised me. Many thanks to all those that attended. Here is my dad and I
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