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My Dads Picture is in Texas Fish and Game Magazine

Check out the December 2004 issue of Texas Fish & Game magazine page 68 for a picture of my dad.

If you subscribe to the magazine you are already entered to win a free hunt. My dad happend to win a goose hunt and took his buddy Richard Metz.

Click here to see a larger photo (opens in a new window)

For more information about Texas Fish & Game checkout their web site at http://www.fishgame.com/new.html (opens in a new window)

Halloween Fun

Linda and I had a good trick or treat turnout this year. I counted 54 kids. The kids started showing up about 6:00 PM and we finally turned off out porch light at about 9:00 PM. Our neighborhood must be pretty good for candy since the family who used to live next door and had moved away came back for treats. Our friends Alex and Alba who live about 20 minutes away brought Alex's boy Taylor around for a surprise visit. My sister brought my nephew Nick over early but we missed him. Sorry Kim.

Want to hear a real nightmare?

My Halloween nightmare really started on Saturday afternoon.

Linda and I bought a pumpkin on Thursday and I waited until Saturday to carve it. After finishing the carving I inspected my work. Linda and I both agreed that it came out looking good. The teeth and eyes are pumpkin seeds. I used a red magic marker to make the eyes red. I think that next year I will go with a scarier look. This pumpkin just looks to friendly.

I learned a valuable lesson while carving this years pumpkin. Never, ever, under any circumstances put the pumpkin innards down the disposal. In past years I dumped the guts in the trash but this time the trash was full, my hands sticky and the disposal inviting. As you probably guessed the slimy nasty pumpkin guts got clogged in the pipes and the kitchen sink started to fill up. Lucky for me, the toilets still flushed and the showers still drained. The clog caused my kitchen sink, one of the bathroom sinks and as I would find out later, the AC drain pipes all to back up.

Now being the handy guy I am I figured, hey, no problem. I pulled out my trusty pipe snake clog killer. This thing must be twenty feet long with a spiral hook on the end. I bailed out the kitchen sink and removed the trap then inserted the snake all the way thinking that no pumpkin clog will be able to stand up against the snake. I reinstalled the trap and ran the water only to have it back up again. I repeated this several times but no luck. I also have two plumbing cleanouts, one near the kitchen sink and one out behind the house. I tried both of those, again, without any luck.

Next I tried turning on the disposal side of the sink and stopping up the other side. This creates a pretty good amount of pressure even shooting water out of the sink all over the kitchen. I tried this for over an hour then the disposal heated up and popped its breaker. After that I decided to call it a night with hopes that the clog would clear itself magically overnight.

Sunday morning after a suitable amount of coffee I went back to work. I tried the disposal again. I didn't even consider the AC pipe to be a problem until Linda mentioned that our cat Skippy was freaking out about a water dripping noise in the AC closet. When I opened the AC door and found pumpkin guts coming up out of the AC drain I knew I was in deep do-do.

Now I think it's time to pull out my little wet vac. It holds about one gallon of liquid if I am lucky. I sucked pumpkin guts and nasty water out of the AC drain pipe for several hours. At this point Linda says she wants to go to Denny's and I agree if we can stop by Lowe's and look at big wet/dry shop vacs. We came home with a brand new 10 gallon shop vac. I continued to suck chunks of stuff that I am no longer sure is pumpkin but the clog wont break. Finally, I hatch an idea. My new wet vac has an option to reverse the air flow so it will blow out the hose instead of suck. I taped the sinks up with foil tape so the pipes would hold pressure then I turned on the vac. After a few minutes I unsealed the disposal side of the kitchen sink but found it was still clogged. I decided to try the vacume blower and the disposal at the same time and I finally had enough pressure to clear the clog.

There is an upside to this story. First, I did not have to call a plumber which I am sure would have cost me more than the $60 I paid for the new shop vac and of course I got a new shop vac.

Anniversary Dinner at Resa's

Saturday night I took Linda to Resa's Prime Steakhouse on FM1960. We had been there before and really loved it. This time we had a slightly different experience.

The first time we went our waiter actually remembered Linda from high school. He was great and I think he gave us some extra special treatment that we appreciated and it showed in his tip.

This time the waiter was nice enough. He chatted with us briefly while opening a bottle of Rodney Strong Cabernet and took our order. He brought our shrimp cocktail and delivered the huge steak knives we would use for our steaks. Linda and I both ordered the Filet Mignon, she the 6 oz., me the 12oz. and just as we started to dig in a huge wasp landed on the corner of the table right between me and Linda.


This is where I need to tell you about my love of kung fu movies and how I called upon that kung fu knowledge from watching those movies and did what any kung fu master would have done...Well first I said a little loudly, "holy shit, a wasp" then the kung fu master took over as I grabbed my huge steak knife and sliced the wasp in half.


I calmly called to a waiter that was walking by and asked him to get our waiter. This guy asked if there was a problem so I mentioned the wasp and he promptly called a bus boy over to give me a napkin to wrap up the pieces. Eventually the manager came over and to ask how we were and said that the most important thing was that we were safe, said something about a recent fumigation then almost ran away.

Our waiter checked on us a little while after that. We were a little worried since we have had other experiences where a dining experience went bad and the waiter was afraid to come back to our table. This guy took the possibility of a pissed off customer fairly well and since the he paid attention and somehow figured out that this was our wedding anniversary dinner he gave us a free desert so he got a decent tip. I was hoping that we would get our bottle of wine free due to the wasp but was not surprised considering the managers demeanor.

After we finished our steaks, potatoes au gratin, bread pudding and coffee we paid the bill and got up to leave when I noticed that there was not one employee up front near the door. When we arrived and up until 5 minutes before we left the manager would walk from the front reception area, past us to a back dining room and back about every 5 minutes or so. I had also seen at least 3 or 4 waiters hanging around near the front door. Funny that when we left no one was around.

The food is good but for a $119 meal you expect no flying pests. Sometimes things happen, I know. They just need to kiss a little more butt when it does.

Labor Day Weekend

Linda and I had a wonderful time down in Magnolia Beach, Tx. Below are the photos I managed to take before my digital camera battery bit the dust.

Originally we were thought that it was going to rain the whole weekend. I told Linda that I would be out there fishing anyway. We really lucked out.

Each photo will open in a new window.

Picture - Linda and Marlene on the deck.

Picture - Linda on the deck making a face.

Picture - Linda on the deck with a funny smile.

Picture - Linda on the deck with a big smile.

Picture - Construction of the Metz's new house next door.

Picture - Sunset with the Metz's house.

Picture - Sunset with the Metz's house #2.

Picture - Sunset from the deck.

Picture - Sunset from the deck #2.

Picture - Sunset from the deck#3.

New baby for Clay and Tami!

Congratulations to my cousin Clay LaGrone and his wife Tami. Tami delivered a baby girl on July 8, 2004 at 6:45 PM.

Abrea Suezann LaGrone weighed in at 7 pounds and 16 ounces and was 19 ½ inches in length according to my aunt Dorcus.

I will post pictures as soon as I get them.

Joe loses tooth

My nephew and Godson Joseph Deluna has finally lost his first tooth!

My sister Shelley says that the tooth was so loose that Joe could move it around with his tongue so it would stick straight out but it would not come out. He finally broke it loose during dinner and Shelley gave it a final yank to set it free.

I understand that the tooth fairy has left him $5.00

Joe rides solo

Joe Deluna took his first solo bike ride without the training wheels today.

Watch out Shelley and Louis, he will be driving before you know it.

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