2003 - Space Race

To all of my MS150 sponsors,

Yesterday I rode in my first organized bike ride at Space Center Houston called the Space Race www.spacerace.org which benefits the Ronald McDonald House Charities. The ride had several routes available and I chose the 65 mile route despite the fact that I have only ridden about 80 miles total since I started my training last month. I was nervous but had a good feeling about being able to finish. While waiting for the start I ran into my brother Jeff who is also training for the MS150. Jeff and I started together and made good time (about 18 mph on average) until the first rest stop where I lost him. It turns out that the reason that I made such good time and felt so good about myself is that there was a nice tail wind, I just didn't realize it right away.

I felt good for the first 30 miles or so and then started getting some back spasms, but I stopped at all of the official rest stops and a few unofficial ones too. At this point it seemed like no matter which way we turned there is now a gusty head wind.

By mile 50 my seat felt like a brick.

At mile 60 I thought my legs were going to fall off.

At about mile 62 I switched my bikes computer from speed to the odometer so I could keep track of how far I had to go and to keep telling myself that I could make it just another 3 miles...2 miles...1 mile.

When I got to what my computer told me was mile 65 I kept looking for the finish line.

When I got to mile 70 I was sunburned, thirsty and out of water and could see the giant overpass I was about to ride over. I somehow managed to pedal up and was enjoying coasting down the other side of the overpass where I could now see Nasa Road 1 and some of the Space Center rockets. That is where I got the flat tire.

I changed the flat in about 15 minutes and hit the finish line about 10 minutes later.

I am sore today but feel good about finishing the ride. I would definentley do this ride again.

I regret I was unable to take any pictures on this ride. I will make sure my camera is ready for the next one.

Thanks for all of the support.

Greg Gillis
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