New Lenovo S898t Golden Warrior

I purchased a Lenovo s898t "Golden Warrior" phone from The phone was shipped from China and it took a couple of weeks to arrive. This is a Andriod Kitkat 4.2.2 phone. I will be adding additional information to this article as I discover it. I will also add some photos and screen shot as time allows. Lenovo is the third largest phone manufacturer since they bought the Motorola handset division from Google earlier this year. To turn on USB Debugging just plug in a USB cable from your PC to the phone. You will see the USB PC Connection screen on the phone and USB debugging is an option. Developer options are hidden. To enable go to settings -> About device -> Device information. Click on the build number and the phone will tell you that you are 4 steps away from becoming a developer. Click the build number several more times until it says you are now a developer. So back to the settings and the development options are now shown. There are only three options for developer options. USB Debugging, Stay awake and Allow mock locations.

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