2003 BP America Training Ride

To all of my MS150 Sponsors,

On Sunday March, 16 I rode in my second organized bike ride. This ride was sponsored by BP who is also the sponsor for the MS150 for the next few years. The ride was well organized with motorcycle support, SAG vans to help with repairs and take people and bikes to the next rest stop, medical personal and rest stops that had plenty of snacks, water and Gatorade.

While this ride was officially designated as the "BP America Training Ride" it could have easily been renamed to the Katy Skunk Ride. Not because it was a stinker, but because there were so many skunks on the side of the road. I counted 7 Skunks from the start at Rhodes Stadium in Katy to the first rest stop about 20 miles later. In all I counted over 25 of the little stinkers.

Anyway, the ride was to start at 8:00 AM and I had already done some carb loading and finished my energy drink (cinnamon roll covered with white frosting and a half of a pot of coffee) when it started sprinkling. It only sprinkled a little bit on and off throughout the day and I was a little worried that I might get to cold without a jacket. I took a chance and decided on not wearing the jacket figuring that I would be warm enough from pedaling. I was right and warmed up very fast. Once again I think that I had a good tail wind to start or it could have been the energy drink but I was cruising for the first 4 or 5 miles very fast. I finally pulled back a little trying to pace myself. I made it to the first rest stop feeling really good, much better than the previous weekend. It's funny, with a few thousand people on this ride that I ran into my brother Jeff at the rest stop. We talked for a bit and then I was back on the road. The next rest stop was at 40 miles and I was still feeling pretty good. The last rest stop was in Brookshire about 56 miles out. This is when I started to feel it a little. My seat was getting hard and my back was starting to bother me. I came prepared with advil to take care of the back spasms and it really helped. I finished the 66.85 mile ride in 4 Hours 46 Minutes and 25 Seconds which is a 14 mph average.

One of the best things about this ride was how accurate the distances were. They said it was 66 miles and it was.

I took pictures on this ride and just dropped the film off to be developed. I will send a separate email with the web address where the pictures can be viewed when they have been scanned.

Thanks to you all for being a sponsor,

Greg Gillis

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